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The desk is the focal point of any office, no matter how large or small, and it will set the style for the rest of the office furniture.  Somewhere between a metal folding chair and an overstuffed recliner there is a happy medium for an appropriate desk chair.  There are many physical problems associated with sitting in one position most of the day, at a desk for example.  Several lamps and lights throughout the office can allow you to adjust the amount of light you feel you need.  The furniture you decide on will set the tone of the office for your employees, customers and other guests. .  Other accessories like picture frames and desk plants will come with time.  It is important to choose a style that is neutral; not overly feminine or masculine.  Comfort is important, but you also want to portray an atmosphere of professionalism, so not too comfortable.  A good desk chair should be able to adjust in height and lumbar support to help avoid back problems and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  If you have volumes of books you intend to keep on hand, you will need several sturdy book shelves.  However, if the job is interior design or something else that would require space, a drafting table or a large flat desk is more appropriate.  If that is the case, you have a myriad of options to choose from.  However, if your shelves will only serve to hold up a few family photos and to complement your other office furniture, you can go with shelves that mount directly to the wall to save some floor space. As mentioned before, you do want your office furniture to be comfortable just not so comfortable that you or your employees don't get anything done.  Home offices especially are difficult to get properly lit.  You may or may not have use for them, but they can also serve as a perfect spot for a printer, lamp or just a plant. Once you have established the main pieces of office furniture you are going to use, you can go on to pick out the smaller details of the office.  It is what makes an office an office and an appropriate workspace.  Somewhere in the same category as book shelves are filing cabinets. Depending again on the type of work that is going to be done, there may be use for shelves in your office.Whether you are picking out office furniture for your personal use or designing an office for a group of employees, it is an important task.  If you or your employee will be making phone calls and typing on a computer the whole time, a large desk is not necessary.  Lighting is important, and depending on where your office is located it may already have adequate lighting, or it may not.  It is hard to stay focused on your work when the soft pink glow of the 50 watt light bulb next to you is lulling you to sleep.  You've mastered one of the important parts of a creating a conducive office environment, the furniture.  Neutral colors are also a good idea, as bold colors tend to have different effects on people.  Most office furniture retailers sell book shelves that match their desks and they are often Park Benches Manufacturers sold as a set.  The type of work being done will help determine the type of desk that is needed.

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